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calculate memory address from IDA to use with Frida

I saw an interesting value in IDA at address 0xf8766; I want to view the value at that address. I debug an Android application with Frida, how can I put this address in Frida to watch this value? I ...
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Local KD -- can't access physical address 0xFFFFFFF0 but you can with RwEverything

I've never been able to access 0xf0000000 range using !db on local debug, and I've tried !db -m 00000000`fffffff0 and !db [uc] 00000000`fffffff0. I only get Physical memory read at fffffff0 failed. It ...
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IDA map one memory address to another

I am trying to reverse engineer firmware for an embedded device. The memory region 0xA0000000-0xA1FFFFFF is mapped to 0x80000000-0x81FFFFF. How do I setup ida to recognise this?
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How do I find the address that was held by the variable?

gdb-peda$ info address not_used Symbol "not_used" is at 0x804a024 in a file compiled without debugging For example, I managed to do this. How will I know what is stored in the variable and ...
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My IDA have 2 different address for same code How to change it

I am a novice for use ida pro and I do not know I change some settings that are maked left analyse address wrong.How I fix it?Thanks