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ActionScript is a scripting language used for RIAs, mobiles applications, web applications, etc.

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SWF ActionScript byte-code method info does not match AVM2 specification

I have a bunch of SWF files that represent UI in the game. Most of them contain DoABC tag, however the tag type is 300 instead of 82. Putting this trouble aside, I started parsing the tag according ...
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Reversing Flash Files that use .loadBytes()

I've always been more knowledgeable about binary reversing -- x86/x64 type stuff -- so lately I decided I wanted to try reversing some flash. Used SoThink to get the .AS from a SWF, but the SWF is ...
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How to get resource in swf file?

I use this site to decompile the swf below But the code only shows the link for a video but I can not get the image in ...
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Matching ActionScript byte code to the Disassembly of a Shockwave Flash

There are lots of programs I seen that can locate a swf running in memory, capture it and return source code. Usually the AS byte code is generated as well. What I looking to do is the opposite, I'm ...
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Can you decompile Actionscript 3 on a Mac?

Reverse engineering SWFs with ActionScript 3 on a Mac typically requires a Windows VM and a lot of copying and pasting. There are some good decompilers for Windows such as as3extractor but I haven't ...
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How does one reverse engineer a SWF file?

What tools and techniques exist to either decompile or analyze the bytecode in a SWF file? What resources are available to the reverse engineer to learn more about SWF internals?
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