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8051 aka MCS-51 is the 8-bit microcontroller architecture created by Intel in 1980. The original chips were discontinued in 1996 but it still remains one of the most ubiquitous embedded architectures for simple control tasks.

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MCU 8051 MOV instructions

I've disassembled (dasmx 1.4) this 8051 firmware from device that has external program ROM and SRAM. There are some lines I don't yet understand where they address to: What's IPC? Where 'mov X0032,xxx&...
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What 8051 instruction extensions are there?

I'm helping reverse engineer a small embedded device. We've successfully extracted some code fragments, which have been identified as 8051 machine code. However, it's using some kind of instruction ...
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Configuring Ghidra to use the Keil 8051 ABI for analysis

I am trying to reverse engineer a raw binary image from an nrf24le1 SoC that (I think) has been compiled with the Keil toolchain. Specifically, I see that C functions in this image usually expect ...
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Is there a way to identify a specific microprocessor model?

I'm working on reversing a USB flash drive controller chip. I know there's a microprocessor that runs some 8051 variant, and I have the ability to run arbitrary code on it. There's lots of different ...
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Radare2 8051 code bank switching

Some of 8051 chips use bank switching to extend accessible code memory. Good example is Silabs C8051F12x. Another example is here. Code area in range 0x0000..0x7ffff is common always accessible code ...
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Loading 8051 binary to IDA with ROM+External RAM configuration

I have 8051 firmware file, in 8051 ROM addresses can overlap external RAM addresses(movc and movx solve this issue), however IDA doesn't allow overlapping addresses: In this example the ROM size is ...
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Reverse Engineering 8051 firmware

I am looking to reverse engineer an 8051 firmware binary file and am not certain where to start. The firmware is for the Real RTL8188EE wireless card. It is located here:
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Disassemble CC2541 firmware (TI SensorTag)

I'm digging into a BLE product based on a CC2541 MCU (similar to the Texas Instruments SensorTag). So for experimenting we can use an official firmware:
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