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is there a tool to decompile old exe to C?

I follow the free software implementation of OpenRCT2 from the beggining (when it was in other repository). And the first commits are a bunch of C files, these files has a lot of asm blocks of code ...
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How is it possible to generate C++ class header from a .dll or ELF file?

I loaded a dynamic library file to IDA. I can clearly see the function signatures from the "Function name list". There are RTTI items in the "Structures" tab as well, but I don't ...
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Can you decompile code if you Know the Complier?

My company has a small number of .exe that were written in the '80s that are performing some minorly important tasks. Source code is gone and documentation is scarce. In order to run them we need to ...
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Is there a tool to reverse engineer UWP apps, similar to dnSpy for .NET?

I've been long fascinated with dnSpy and how easily it can reverse engineer .NET apps into a readable C#. So I was wondering if there's a similar tool to RE Windows 10 UWP apps? For instance, I tried ...
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Would it be possible to reverse engineer a game's rom file to get source code?

More specifically, could you get low level code from a rom, and piece it together and translate it to a higher level language?
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Is it possible to get back to a compilable form of source code using IDA pro [duplicate]

I am familiar with debuggers and sorts. I was going through a program and noticed that IDA does make some mistakes on what it decides what on its pseudo code will be. Is there a list of common ...
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What's the difference between a disassembler, debugger and decompiler?

I have heard of disassemblers like IDA and debuggers like OllyDbg but honestly, when you give both of them a binary file it gives me the assembly code. I know that the decompiler gives the source code ...
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Decompile and recompile C?

What tools produce C code that does not produce errors when you try to recompile it again? Can Hex-Rays decompiler convert everything to project files in a single folder and just compile it?
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Reverse engineering a VC++ video game

So I know x86 machine language and C++/C language. In the last weeks I've dedicated to learn Windows internals and especially PE format. My target is retrieving the Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness ...
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What are the possibilities for reverse engineering an IPA file to its source?

I browsed a lot, but can't find any resources for reverse engineering an IPA file (iPhone application). Is there any method to reverse engineer an IPA file to its source? I've tried to rename it to ...
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