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Where can i download malware variants [duplicate]

How/Where can i get variants of a malware ? The only thing that concerns is that the variants must be a continuous update of the previous one
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Collecting malware samples [duplicate]

Could you please list some sites from where I could download viruses/worms/trojans in .exe format. I have read the answers to the other similar questions but couldn't make much use of them. I am a ...
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Does anybody knows a good dataset for malware families? [duplicate]

Does anybody knows a good dataset for malware families? What i need is a dataset where malware are already classified in families. And is not duplicate of "Where can I, as an individual, get malware ...
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How to get Waledac and Storm P2P botnets [duplicate]

I am going to conduct a research on p2p botnet detection based on their network behavior. Would you help me how to get these botnets sample. Thanx!
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Where can I get a dataset of URLs of websites that diffuse malware? [duplicate]

In order to study some malware detection algorithms I am developping in my PhD, I would like to know where I could download a list of malware websites. Thank you
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How do I move from RCE being a hobby to RCE being a profession?

I'm currently a high school sophomore. I haven't really done much on the RCE of malware, I've unpacked zbot and rbot, and looked at how they work, but I can manipulate practically any game to my ...
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Where can I get Linux malware samples?

There have been numerous sites stated in this wonderful post that one could retrieve malware samples. However, I am having a difficult time (sorry D:) locating Linux-specific malware from those sites ...
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Where can I find benign samples with a high potential to false positive?

In the pursuit and development of malware detection algorithms, often a big sample set of both malicious and benign samples is required. Both machine learning or similar automated techniques, as well ...
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Anti-VM and anti-sandbox malware samples

I'm learning malware analysis. I'm looking for malware samples that terminate themselves when recognize working on a VM or sandbox. Thanks.
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Want to get back into reverse engineering havn't for a few years whats a good starting point for getting back into it?

I used to make maphacks for a game called Warcraft 3. I want to get back into reverse-engineering but with today's technologies (i.e. with the internet being fast enough to download data instead of it ...
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Malware samples to analyze with existing disassembly?

Hopefully this question isn't get marked as Duplicate, since it differs from the following question: Where can I, as an individual, get malware samples to analyze? I'm looking for samples (ideally ...
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Debugging Win32.Upatre - why does Ollydbg fail to analyze this?

So I've been looking at this thread - Where can I, as an individual, get malware samples to analyze? And grabbed myself a binary sample of Win32.Upatre from Halvar Flake's blog. I started analyzing ...
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Fileless malware samples

If file-based malware sample can be downloaded from sites such as theZoo aka Malware DB or any sites as suggested here, what about fileless malware as it doesn't store it's copy in the hard disk? If ...
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Benign Portable Executables [closed]

. Hello, everybody! For my scientific work I need big amount of benign PE-files(dll, exe, scr, com). An amount of 500-600 files would be great. While there are plenty of websites where you can ...
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Getting started with malware research [closed]

I followed some reverse engineering tutorials and they got me really interested. And I heard that you could make a career out of it, mostly from malware research. So... how can I learn about malware ...
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