I'm trying to print PHP backtrace of the live running script using the following 2 simple steps:

  1. Run PHP script as:

    php -r "sleep(1000);"
  2. On another console, I've called directly zif_debug_backtrace() from lldb:

    echo 'call (void)zif_debug_backtrace()' | lldb -p $(pgrep -fn php)

Above worked, however the process stopped with the following warning:

Warning: sleep() expects at most 2 parameters, 1606408648 given in Command line code on line 1
Call Stack:
    0.0016     235152   1. {main}() Command line code:0
    0.0021     235248   2. sleep(1000) Command line code:1

Why the script stopped and how to prevent that? Is it possible to print PHP backtrace during live run without affecting the script?

Is it because I should specify some return address? If so, which one?

Btw. The same happening when calling zif_debug_print_backtrace() and when calling custom_backtrace() it is showing: Backtrace null function called. I'm using xdebug if that change anything.

Maybe I need to call a different function like zend_fetch_debug_backtrace (see: image dump symtab)? Or use the right arguments, if so, which one?

I'm interested either in lldb or gdb solutions.

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