Is it any way to connect VirtualKD 2.8 to VBox > 4.3.

I googled it but the nearest result was VBOX_WITH_VIRTUALKD config flag and some change logs about stub/loader.

OK, because of lack of information in my question, I try to explain my problem...

I start installing the VirtualKD from Ref I using VKD 2.8. exactly in step 2 it said

Unable to cast COM object of type 'VirtualBox.VirtualBoxClass' ...

So I start googleing and i found a great article Ref II. I compiled the C# code and ran it in the VirtualKD-2.8 directory. the first problem is gone but the virtual box said:

Unable to load R3 "C:\VirtualKD-2.8\VBoxKD64.dll": Not signed ... (VERR_LDRVI_NOT_SIGNED)

Again I start googleing... the problem is for VBox > 3.1, it force signed dll loading in windows. so I signed the DLL by a self generated sign ( and of curse I added it to my trust list ). now the virtualbox braks with

Unable to load R3 module "C:\VirtualKD-2.8\VBoxKD64.dll" None of 1 path(s) hav a trust anchor.: ... (VERR_CR_X509_CPV_NO_TRUSTED_PATHS).

so I used a globally trusted sign to do the job but I got a FATAL error from vbox...

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As I think, someone else might have this problem, I have to answer my own question...

First. please read the question carefully ( it is long but worst it ). Then...

As Virtual Box only accepts signed DLLs so you have to sign the VBoxKD64.dll and/or VBoxKD.dll. it is not easy to find a trust sign so avast guys make a pre-signed virtual-kd available for download here

Now we have another problem. Virtual Box will not load DLLs that are not owned by NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller so we have to add Virtual-KD directory to it's kingdom. ( read this if you have no ida about what I say )

Also it is a good description in the avast package named Install.txt.

  • The Avast link you provided doesn't have a signed copy of the driver in the .zip ?
    – Peanut
    Commented Aug 25, 2015 at 23:03
  • You are right. my problem was installing Virtual-KD on Virtual Box. It doesn't need Virtual-KD driver to be signed... some useful information about your problem is present at VKD forum.
    – diener_k
    Commented Sep 6, 2015 at 4:32

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