There have been numerous sites stated in this wonderful post that one could retrieve malware samples. However, I am having a difficult time (sorry D:) locating Linux-specific malware from those sites as mostly are samples for Windows (I think). Where can I find and download these Linux samples that I seek?

BTW, this is for learning to create ClamAV and YARA signatures.

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If you're willing to pay for VirusTotal's Private API, you can search for and download Linux malware from there.

A sample search for Linux ELF files with 5 or more AV detections would be magic:elf positives:5+ (file hashes blurred in the screenshot below) -



You can also sign up for VirusShare and download the following archive which has 2778 ELF samples : VirusShare_ELF_20140617.zip


You can also obtain files from https://www.virussamples.com and download many ELF and PE files among others. There are daily batches available.

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