I have run the Class Informer plugin to identify virtual method tables. I am trying to write a python script which will rename each function in the table. I am struggling to find the correct API call to change an .rdata subroutine name. I have read through this guide, but I'm still confused: http://www.offensivecomputing.net/papers/IDAPythonIntro.pdf

e.g., if I have this vmt for ExampleClassA:

.rdata:004F0EE8     ??_7?$ExampleClassA@$@@@ dd offset sub_25DFAD
.rdata:004F0EE8                                             ; DATA XREF: sub_256CB0+98
.rdata:004F0EE8                                             ; CNetChan____45+86 ...
.rdata:004F0EEC                     dd offset sub_3B0760
.rdata:004F0EF0                     dd offset sub_1A2080

I want to enter the base address ( 0x004F0EE8 ) and iterate over the table to rename each subroutine based on a user-supplied name. I can iterate, get input, move ea.

How do I modify the subroutine name of the current line?


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