I'm using OllyDbg v2.01 to analyse a specific binary. The binary is calling createProcess() and afterwards it's checking the return value via test eax, eax. EAX contains 00000001 so the createProcess() call must have been successful. Nevertheless, OllyDbg crashes if I want to step over test eax, eax and I have absolutely no idea why. Is there any way to find out what's the problem for Olly? Normally, I can see if there is an access violation or something else going on which might bother Olly but in this case, there is nothing.

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You can debug OllyDbg with another instance of OllyDbg:

  • In OllyDbg process #1, run OllyDbg process #2.

  • In OllyDbg process #2, run your target binary.

  • When OllyDbg process #2 crashes, you can analyze the crash via OllyDbg process #1.

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