Is there a way to specify the name of a function when creating it with idc.MakeFunction()?

If not, what is the best practice to rename a function? I found idc.GetFunctionName(ea) but no counterpart to set a name. A google research turned up some examples where people used idc.MakeNameEx(). Yet, the purpose of MakeNameExseems to be to rename addresses:

def MakeNameEx(ea, name, flags): """ Rename an address

@param ea: linear address
@param name: new name of address. If name == "", then delete old name @param
flags: combination of SN_... constants

And involves a whole bunch of flags such as:

SN_NOCHECK    = idaapi.SN_NOCHECK    # Replace invalid chars with SubstChar
SN_PUBLIC     = idaapi.SN_PUBLIC     # if set, make name public 
SN_NON_PUBLIC = idaapi.SN_NON_PUBLIC # if set, make name non-public 
SN_WEAK       = idaapi.SN_WEAK       # if set, make name weak 
SN_NON_WEAK   = idaapi.SN_NON_WEAK   # if set, make name non-weak

What I need is a simple rename of a function keeping all its properties, flags etc...

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idc.MakeName(ea, name) should suffice.

Note that the flags accepted by MakeNameEx() don't change the function's properties or function's flags; they're instead used with regard to how the naming itself is handled.

NB: ida_name.set_name is the new IDAPython API

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