I was analyzing a sample and the function CreateRemoteThread is called with dwCreationFlag = 0, so the created thread starts immediately after creation. OllyDbg jumps to beginning of the new thread. I analyze the new thread and at the end of that, it calls RtlExitUserThread and the thread is terminated.

To visualize, you can consider the following:

  PUSH EAX                              ; dwCreationFlag = 0
  CALL DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-28]           ; CreateRemoteThread
  (lines which I would also like to analyze)

As I described, the new thread starts and it ends with a call to RtlExitUserThread but I would like to analyze the lines after the call to RtlExitUserThread.

How can I go back to the main thread, because there was a lot of lines to analyze (after the call to CreateRemoteThread)?

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Right Click within the Disassembler window -> Select thread -> Click Main thread

Here is an image for reference. enter image description here


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