I have found the following lines in a sample which I try to analyze. Here, are the lines:

   push  afg.00401189       "ntdll.dll" 
   call  GetmoduleHandleW
   neg   eax
   sbb   eax, eax
   neg   eax

So, I do not understand the lines after the call instruction. We have sbb instruction between two neg-operations, but what can be the purpose of that. Can somebody explain that ?

PS: Intuitively, I would say that at the end I have the handle to ntdll.dll in EAX...but the operations between the call and retn are very strange. I am confused.

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The neg / sbb / neg code in your question is the equivalent of the following C code:

eax = (eax != 0)

In other words, the function returns GetModuleHandleW("ntdll.dll") != NULL.

The neg / sbb / neg construct is explained in detail here:

Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering, section A.2.8.1. Pure Arithmetic Implementations


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