I am reversing a few modules which share many c++ classes. I am currently maintaining a single header file which contains every struct definition from each database. I update this using a produced header file after working on a module. I then import it when I begin working on a separate module. This approach is error prone, and I have lost some progress by mistakenly overwriting modified structs in different databases.

Is it possible to configure IDA Pro to read and write to a single struct definition file across multiple databases? If not, what would be a best practice for this type of situation?

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    I would love to have such a feature. Unfortunately, today it isn't possible. I have the very same problem... Apr 16, 2015 at 15:01

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you can try extending this plugin which already implements the export and import part of the functionality.


It is impossible to configure IDA to do it.

The best simple practice for this that I can imagine is using source control tools such as git or svn for storing exported files.

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