Some old games have a very simple text encoding in which:

0x00 = '0'
0x01 = '1'
0x09 = '9'
0x0A = 'A'
0x0B = 'B'
0x0C = 'C'
0x22 = 'Y'
0x23 = 'Z'
0xFF = string terminator

I figure this encoding must be pretty common due to its extreme simplicity so I was wondering if there's a correct/de facto name for it.

  • "Minimal", perhaps. Since available memory is usually small, there is no reason to include bitmaps for all that #%£?! crap, and if you don't include them, the encoding can be kept tight and simple as well to have a 1:1 relation with the bitmaps. – Jongware Mar 2 '15 at 20:45
  • 0xFF will not be the terminator as that requires 8 bits, and the whole point to remapping the ASCII to a small space is to them use some form of bit stuffing. packing the character into 6 bit allows for each 4 characters to use 3 byes. – Simeon Pilgrim Mar 2 '15 at 23:35

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