I am using IDA Pro to debug an ELF binary remotely.

While debugging, I want to search for a specific address in the hex dump. In Olly debugger, we have the option to follow any address or register in the hex dump. Is there a similar option in IDA Pro?

I noticed that IDA Pro has an option to synchronize the hex dump with a specific register. However, I need to search for a specific address, how do I do that?

I checked the Jump menu in IDA Pro and there was no option. The "Jump to address" or G option is to search in the code section. Is there a similar option for searching in hex dump as well?


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    If you click into the hex dump window first, then type G and enter an address, the hex dump will switch to that address, not the code window. Make sure to unset any "synchronize to code window" options first. Jan 9, 2015 at 22:31


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