I want to test some approach in symbolic execution in windows binaries and doesn't want to write a new one from scratch and also this tool must be reliable at research levels.

I found S2E and BitBlaze earlier but not any documentation for testing windows binaries.

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Metasm and Miasm can perform symbolic execution on Windows binaries. Metasm is written in pure ruby with no dependencies. Miasm is written in python. You can find some usages of the above frameworks in the book Practical Reverse Engineering. Besides you can always Google for more.

Here is an hands-on example of using miasm for symbolic execution.

  • Thank you for your respond but is there any C or C++ based tool? I saw something about windows device driver analysis with S2E but not all binaries. besides It seems S2E based on Linux. I prefer a MS Windows based tool. by the way thank you I will look at these. Dec 27, 2014 at 17:35

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