Here is my problem:

Program P1 launches another program P2. The P2 program uses a dll DLL1 which is packed using PE Compact. The DLL1 is obviously unpacked during run time and a routine inside DLL1 calls another dll DLL2 which is also packed with PE Compact.


I have successfully unpacked both the dlls. Now While debugging the OllyDbg shows me "The code is packed, self extracing..." stuff. What I want is to point the OllyDbg towards the unpacked version residing on my filesystem so that a can debug it properly. How do I d this.Thanks in advance :)

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    I'm not sure if I understood you correctly but it seems that you have two original DLLs and those two unpacked on disk. If so, can't you rename the unpacked ones so they are loaded?
    – user45891
    Commented Nov 22, 2014 at 15:42

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As @user45891 commented, replace DLL1_packed on disk with DLL1_unpacked, and replace DLL2_packed on disk with DLL2_unpacked.

(@user45891, feel free to post the same answer as this, and I'll delete my answer so that you can get credit as the "first responder".)

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