I would like to automate a process of enabling buttons with cond bp.

First, I found that function user32.EnableWindow is called from mfc110u.dll.

So I went there and set cond bp on the second arg of the function.

This arg2==0 when you want the button to be disabled and arg2==1 when enabled.

So what I did ?

  1. I set cond bp with condition [EBP+8]==0 and now want to run something like this each time the bp is hit: A (EBP+8) DD 1.
  2. I downloaded the plugin CLBPlus! and for this plugin is identifier CLBP so final command become: CLBP A (EBP+8) DD 1.

But for some reason this does not work. Maybe the command A is not implemented. I downloaded the two another plugins "Command Line v1.10" and "Command Bar v3.20.110" but unfortunately I do not know the identifiers for these plugings.

So any ideas ?


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You can use ODbgScript to set conditional breakpoints and perform automated actions when those breakpoints are hit.


Thanx Jason for the tip. I tried it before but it did not work. Now I tried it again and hopefuly it seems working. In olly command line when I wrote A (EBP+8) DD 1 I saw it worked. The syntax for script is asm eip, "mov eax, ecx", so I tried to write asm (ebp+8), "dd 1", but did not work. So I tried asm ebp+8, "dd 1" and it seems working. I put conditional breakpoints manualy and constructed this nice dirty code:

START: asm ebp+8, "dd 1" run jmp START

it works nicely. Thanx for the tip again"!

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