I am looking to disassemble an instruction at an address. I know that there are many instructions that can accomplish this such as idc.GetDisasm(), idc.GetDisasmEx(), idaapi.generate_disassembly(), etc.

When I disassemble a line that has a variable in it, the variable appears in the disassembly. ie 38 81 00 38 disassembles as addi r4, r1, 0x80+var_48 instead of addi r4, r1, 0x38.

Is there any way to disassemble this in the latter form ?

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You'll have to set the operand type, there are various functions to accomplish that. OpHex is most likely what you want to use.

  • Thanks for the feedback. This could work if it is called for each instruction. However, two problems arise with it. A) I would like to restore it to the way it was prior to converting it with OpHex. B) OpHex/OpOff etc.. does not convert the operand of a branch.
    – Bambu
    Oct 13, 2014 at 2:36

not idapython but idc

auto i;

for (  i = MinEA() ; i < MaxEA() ; i = NextHead(i, MaxEA()) )

take a look here for bit more details

Convert [arg8+foo-blah+28] to [ebp+38]

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