I have the following assembly line

 test byte ptr [esp + 44h], 1
 jmp SomeCode; 

from a further analysis, I know that esp points at wShowWindow of the STARTUPINFO structure. I have written the following:

STARTUPINFO *esp_pointer;
esp_pointer -> wShowWindow; 
if(*(esp_pointer) != 1){

Is that a right transformation in C ? What do you mean?

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  • esp_pointer -> wShowWindow is located at 0x30 0r 0n48 not at either 0x44 or at 0n44 you have some wrong analysis also when doing STARTUPINFO *esppointer you need to allocate space for the struct with some malloc etc prior to accessing members else you end up with a crash STARTUPINFOA *psi = ( STARTUPINFOA * ) calloc(1,sizeof(STARTUPINFOA)); psi->cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFO); if(psi->wShowWindow ) { printf("foo"); }
    – blabb
    Sep 10, 2014 at 20:07

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  • Don't try to translate assembly to C line by line. You can't.
  • The assembly you posted is probably wrong. A jmp is an unconditonal jump; what follows after a test instruction is normally a jz or jnz which jump depending on the result of the test.
  • You say esp points at wShowWindow. That would mean [esp+44h] points at something way behind the structure, which makes no sense. Maybe what you wanted to say is "I know i have a STARTUPINFO structure on the stack at 14h, so [esp+44h] should be the wShowWindow component" ?
  • If you're right with STARTUPINFO somewhere on the stack - it can't be directly at [esp], as mentioned - please make sure [esp+44h] is wShowWindow, not dwFlags, as the test operation would make much more sense with the dwFlags bitmap than an integer.

All that said, test tests if a bit is set; a compare would be a cmp. So if you really really want an example in C, it would look something like

p=(STARTUPINFO *) ((char *) esp+0x14);   // this assumes the structure starts 
                                         // at offset 0x14 from esp
if (p->wShowWindow & 1) {                // access the wShowWindow component at offset
                                         // 0x30 in the structure, which is 0x44 from esp

Note i didn't include the SomeCode, as the "jump there" might just mean "skip some instructions", and your unconditional jump seems to be wrong anyways.

Please, when posting a question next time, be a bit more precise in what you ask and what you copy/paste.

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