This PE file destroys its import address table. However, all the function addresses are in this _rdata segment here:


Any straight forward way to rename these functions?

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Before you dump the process's memory to disk, use a tool like Scylla to reconstruct the Import Table.



While in debugger, select the import table and run idc\renimp.idc.

Top comment from the file:

   Rename imports.

   This script renames entries of a dynamically built import table.
   For example, from a table like this:

      dd offset ntdll_NtPowerInformation
      dd offset ntdll_NtInitiatePowerAction
      dd offset ntdll_NtSetThreadExecutionState
      dd offset ntdll_NtRequestWakeupLatency
      dd offset ntdll_NtGetDevicePowerState
      dd offset ntdll_NtIsSystemResumeAutomatic
      dd offset ntdll_NtRequestDeviceWakeup
      dd offset ntdll_NtCancelDeviceWakeupRequest
      dd offset ntdll_RtlQueryRegistryValues

   it will create a table like this:

      NtPowerInformation dd offset ntdll_NtPowerInformation
      NtInitiatePowerAction dd offset ntdll_NtInitiatePowerAction
      NtSetThreadExecutionState dd offset ntdll_NtSetThreadExecutionState
      NtRequestWakeupLatency dd offset ntdll_NtRequestWakeupLatency
      NtGetDevicePowerState dd offset ntdll_NtGetDevicePowerState
      NtIsSystemResumeAutomatic dd offset ntdll_NtIsSystemResumeAutomatic
      NtRequestDeviceWakeup dd offset ntdll_NtRequestDeviceWakeup
      NtCancelDeviceWakeupRequest dd offset ntdll_NtCancelDeviceWakeupRequest
      RtlQueryRegistryValues dd offset ntdll_RtlQueryRegistryValues

   Usage: select the import table and run the script.

   Known problems: if the dll name contains an underscore, the function
   names might be incorrect. Special care is taken for the ws2_32.dll but
   other dlls will have wrong function names.


You're most likely using a process dump. those addresses would depend on the Windows version and service pack. If you had a chance to run it in a VM, try volatility. do a procdump then impscan. impscan can give you an idc that renames those addresses to their respective API names.

this method works well even with non-PE injected codes.


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