I found a tool for Linux called INetSim which emulates services such as HTTP HTTPS IRC and many other. It is often used to trick malware. The problem is that INetSim works only on Linux. So I want Windows based tool for Win 7 32bit which is alternative to this ( I prefer a gui one )

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Not a GUI tool, but FakeNet is a good alternative.

FakeNet is a tool that aids in the dynamic analysis of malicious software. The tool simulates a network so that malware interacting with a remote host continues to run allowing the analyst to observe the malware’s network activity from within a safe environment. The goal of the project is to:

- Be easy to install and use; the tool runs on Windows and requires no 3rd party libraries
- Support the most common protocols used by malware
- Perform all activity on the local machine to avoid the need for a second virtual machine
- Provide python extensions for adding new or custom protocols
- Keep the malware running so that you can observe as much of its functionality as possible
- Have a flexible configuration, but no required configuration

Mandiant's ApateDNS is a good tool for responding with fake DNS response:

Mandiant ApateDNS is a tool for controlling DNS responses though an easy to use GUI. As a phony DNS server, Mandiant ApateDNS spoofs DNS responses to a user-specified IP address by listening on UDP port 53 on the local machine. Mandiant ApateDNS also automatically sets the local DNS to localhost. Upon exiting the tool, it sets back the original local DNS settings.

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