I need a good decompiler that can decompile python 2.4 byte code. I have looked over the internet and can only find python 2.5+

There are about a few hundred .pycs, so if it can decompile a directory it would be nice.

Note: Easy Python Decompiler is not what I'm looking for.

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You just need to search online. Anyways here are some python 2.4 decompilers worth trying,

Note : Easy Python Decompiler (written by me) uses pycdc as the backend.


There is a perfect open-source Python (.PYC) decompiler, called Decompyle++ https://github.com/zrax/pycdc/

Decompyle++ aims to translate compiled Python byte-code back into valid and human-readable Python source code. While other projects have achieved this with varied success, Decompyle++ is unique in that it seeks to support byte-code from any version of Python.

Online version is also available: http://www.javadecompilers.com/pyc (currently non-functional)

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