Immunity Debugger offers a feature called PyPlugin. However there is not enough documentation on it. The help for immdbg says this :

PyPlugins are python scripts located at PyPlugins\ directory, PyPlugins are called when F4 or the PyPlugin icon located at the main toolbar are pressed. Both (F4 or the PyPlugin icon) will popup a file browse dialog, where the starting folder is the PyPlugin Directory. When a pyplugin is executed, its main() gets called. Please note a pyplugin can not receive any arguments and will not return any value other than inscreen errors.

In reality when the F4 key is pressed, nothing special happens. F4 is actually the shortcut to Run to selection. Further there is no PyPlugin icon located at the main toolbar. The PyPlugins directory under Immunity Debugger directory is also empty, so no examples to look.

My question is what is a PyPlugin ? Are there any ready made PyPlugins to refer as an example ?

Note : I am only talking about PyPlugins, not PyCommands


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Going over

I'm making and educated guess that PyPlugins is probably a leftover from previous versions of the debugger and at some point it became known as PyScripts.

So, the actual examples and guidance could be found here

  • Looks reasonable enough. Perhaps they are artifacts from older versions.
    – 0xec
    Jul 7, 2017 at 3:53

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