On starting notepad.exe with Ollydbg, I see that eax has a value that points at kernel32.BaseThreadInitThunk.

notepad.exe does not seem to import kernel32.dll::BaseThreadInitThunk. I cannot find that function, by running dependency walker on notepad.exe.

How can kernel32.dll::BaseThreadInitThunk function be executed without importing it ?

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It is just a coincidence. It happens sometimes that the value in a register be the address of some valid api which the application has nothing to do about. For reference see these images.

I have loaded OllyDbg2 in OllyDbg2. OllyDbg2 does not import kernel32.dll::BaseThreadInitThunk

In Windows 7 Ollydbg in Windows 7

In Windows XP Ollydbg in Windows XP

In Windows 7 on entrypoint the value of eax is the address of BaseThreadInitThunk. However on Windows XP the value of eax is 0.


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