In real code I have encountered some "non-virtual thunk" functions:

; `non-virtual thunk to'QTextCodecPlugin::create(QString  const&)
    EXPORT _ZThn8_N16QTextCodecPlugin6createERK7QString
   SUB.W   R0, R0, #8
   B.W     _ZN16QTextCodecPlugin6createERK7QString; QTextCodecPlugin::create(QString  const&)

; End of function `non-virtual thunk to'QTextCodecPlugin::create(QString  const&)

; `non-virtual thunk to'QTextCodecPlugin::~QTextCodecPlugin()
    EXPORT _ZThn8_N16QTextCodecPluginD1Ev

    SUB.W  R0, R0, #8
    B.W    _ZN16QTextCodecPluginD2Ev; QTextCodecPlugin::~QTextCodecPlugin()

; End of function `non-virtual thunk to'QTextCodecPlugin::~QTextCodecPlugin()

(GCC, C++, Android NDK, Qt, Necessitas, ARM)

c++filt says:

$ c++filt _ZThn8_N16QTextCodecPlugin6createERK7QString
non-virtual thunk to QTextCodecPlugin::create(QString const&)
$ c++filt _ZThn8_N16QTextCodecPluginD1Ev
non-virtual thunk to QTextCodecPlugin::~QTextCodecPlugin()

What and why do these "non-virtual thunks" do?


These are object virtual table entries used to implement multiple inheritance.

The short story is, the sub instruction is to do with offsetting the correct derived class object size to the virtual table; but the following (long) article does a much better job of explaining than I could fit here : http://thomas-sanchez.net/computer-sciences/2011/08/15/what-every-c-programmer-should-know-the-hard-part/

UPDATE: the link above does not work anymore, but there's a copy of this page at webarchive.org: http://web.archive.org/web/20131210001207/http://thomas-sanchez.net/computer-sciences/2011/08/15/what-every-c-programmer-should-know-the-hard-part/

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