I wanted to know if one can see old register values in Ollydbg in the register window. I mean, for example, I have the register value of eax like eax=12345678. And, now, let say that I go to the next instruction, and then to next instruction and so on... Lets also say, that eax is changing all the time and after a couple of instructions and changements of eax.

I want to know the former value of eax, namely eax=1234568, how can I do that in Ollydbg ?


The Run trace feature of ollydbg can be used to know the values of registers in a previous execution step. During Run trace code is executed step by step, and debugger protocols every command, together with registers and flags.

Here is a tutorial on tracing https://sites.google.com/site/corkami/ollydbg-tracing

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