Does somebody knows what _acmdln_dll is ? I could not find any useful documentation about that.

I am asking because I have the following line in the assembly which I try to analyze:

 MOV EAX, DWORD PTR DS : [_acmdln_dll]

After that line I have in register EAX the path of the current process. So my assumption is now the _acmdln_dll stores somehow the path as string sequence. Is that true ?

Can someone confirm that or does someone know more informations about _acmdln_dll ?

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These are global variables provided by the Microsoft run time library. Here is an excerpt of MSDN on-line documentation speaking about the _acmdln variable:

_acmdln, _tcmdln, _wcmdln

These variables store the complete command line. _acmdln stores the data as a character string. _wcmdln stores the data as a wide character string. _tcmdln can be defined as either _acmdln or _wcmdln, depending on which is appropriate.


well after rereading the original question it appears both my answer
and the answer i followed up do not give an answer to the original question
original question asks about acmdln_dll which is nowhere to be found in vs crt
i leave the answer as it is assuming the suffix __dll to be in code that is not native ms like from reactos here


the answer below is pertinent to _acmdln without the suffix _dll see edit 3 also

the complete source code is available to you for acmdln if you have installed even the express version of visual studio.

compile a simple hello world with debug info /Zi and view the source code as to what it is

source file in crt directory of visual studio

DS:[00408018]=7C812FBD (kernel32.GetCommandLineA)
Jump from __tmainCRTStartup+9B
crt0.c:252.  _tcmdln = (_TSCHAR *)GetCommandLineT();

here is a relevent disassembly notice the result of GetCommandline being moved to acmdln a global

 * command line, environment, and a few other globals

    #ifdef WPRFLAG
    wchar_t *_wcmdln;           /* points to wide command line */
    #else  /* WPRFLAG */
    char *_acmdln;              /* points to command line */
    #endif  /* WPRFLAG */

    char *_aenvptr = NULL;      /* points to environment block */
    wchar_t *_wenvptr = NULL;   /* points to wide environment block */


004014D9           CALL    newheapt._amsg_exit
004014DE           POP     ECX
004014DF           CALL    NEAR DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.GetCommandLineA>]      ; _tcmdln = (_TSCHAR *)GetCommandLineT();
004014E5           MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[_acmdln], EAX
004014EA           CALL    newheapt.__crtGetEnvironmentStringsA                 ; _tenvptr = (_TSCHAR *)GetEnvironmentStringsT();
004014EF           MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[_aenvptr], EAX
004014F4           CALL    newheapt._setargv                                    ; if ( _tsetargv() < 0 )
004014F9           TEST    EAX, EAX
004014FB           JNS     SHORT newheapt.00401505
004014FD           PUSH    8                                                    ; _amsg_exit(_RT_SPACEARG);
004014FF           CALL    newheapt._amsg_exit
00401504           POP     ECX
00401505           CALL    newheapt._setenvp                                    ; if ( _tsetenvp() < 0 )
0040150A           TEST    EAX, EAX
0040150C           JNS     SHORT newheapt.00401516
0040150E           PUSH    9                                                    ; _amsg_exit(_RT_SPACEENV);

edit 3

from a general search it seems that this is defined in crtdll.dll

C:\WINDOWS\system32>grep -rs _acmdln_dll *
Binary file crtdll.dll matches
Binary file dllcache/crtdll.dll matches

loading the dll in ollydbg _acmdln_dll is exactly same as _acmdln

73D91D02                   |> \FF15 4410>CALL    NEAR DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.GetCommandLineA>]      ; [GetCommandLineA
73D91D08                   |.  A3 CC3EDB>MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[_acmdln_dll], EAX
73D91D0D                   |.  FF15 4010>CALL    NEAR DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.GetEnvironmentStrings>>; [GetEnvironmentStrings
73D91D13                   |.  A3 D03EDB>MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[73DB3ED0], EAX
73D91D18                   |.  FF15 0411>CALL    NEAR DWORD PTR DS:[<&KERNEL32.GetVersion>]           ;  kernel32.GetVersion

and this crtdll.dll seems to be from an older windows sdk a brief google yields one page which alludes crtdll.lib belonging to windows sdk 3.5 era


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