I am trying to learn actually how to get to the PEB inside of TEB. I have tried this with windbg but could not manage to dump the PEB with stuff like:




And others. But, I could not manage to get the PEB dumped. So also my favorite debugger is still immunitydbg. So, I was trying to get to the information using immunitydbg CLI. But the nearest thing I have managed to get to PEB is dumping the TEB.

d fs:[0]

So, I there anyhow someway inside of immunity do get the contents of TEB/PEB? I also tried to use the Ollysdbg PE Dump plugin but that only gave me another exe file with different contents. And also i am not sure if the PE Plugin does the right thing for me.

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Open the Memory Map window in OllyDbg/ImmunityDbg, scroll down to the bottom, and double click on the entry that contains Process Environment Block. This will open a dump of the PEB in OllyDbg/ImmunityDbg:


  • i have tied that but i could not manage to find the Entry which contains "Process Environment Block" there is no such line when i open $application inside of OllyDbg/ImmunityDbg :\ . But i found some plugin called mona which also solves my problem. Being capable But doing this by hand would be much more awesome.
    – Dirk
    Commented May 21, 2014 at 14:48
  • ImmunityDbg is terribly outdated. What version of OllyDbg did you test this on? Commented May 21, 2014 at 16:50
  • The one i used at home was v1.10
    – Dirk
    Commented May 21, 2014 at 16:56
  • OllyDbg v1.10 is 10 years old. Please try with OllyDbg v2.01 - ollydbg.de/version2.html Commented May 21, 2014 at 19:25
alt + f1 d fs:[30] ollydbg 1.10  raw peb  

with stolly plugin for 1.10 select the first byte in dump->right click->sructure select _peb from drop down box for decoded peb .

al+g fs:[30] in ollydbg 2.01 fully decoded _peb in dump / disasm window

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