I would like to ask if anyone knows how to solve the above mentioned problem I encounter. I was reverse engineering an apk, and met a part where static analysis with IDA Pro is not enough, so I thought that I could use the android_server provided by IDA Pro to debug the .so library during runtime. However, I kept getting an error from IDA Pro when trying to attach to any process within my emulator: 'The debugger could not attach to the selected process. This can perhaps indicate the process was just terminated, or that you don't have the necessary privileges.' I used adb to push the android_server to my emulator, and then used adb shell and executed the script as root, but I'm still having this error. Any ideas on what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


I saw such issue in following situations:

  1. When you run android_server as non-root user (without prior call to su).
  2. When you run it with wrong working directory (as '/data/local/tmp/android_serverinstead ofcd /data/local/tmp/ && ./android_server`).

So, please make you sure that you do everything exactly in correct way:

cd /data/local/tmp

Otherwise it may not work.

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