Is there any tool help my to draw kernel-mode execution flow graph (basic block based or function based) ?

My exact problem is slow speed.

To clear my question lets ask this way: Is there any fast way to draw kernel-mode execution ?

I use IDA 6.2 pro and BinNavy 5 to generate EF-Graph. They are so slow and have many problems with loops and rep-prefixed.

As I mentioned in my comment the driver initializing tracing wast 30 min (I want to draw each IOCtl graph).

Again as I mentioned in my comment I use Virtual-KD and VMWare (Is it any faster configuration ?).

1.I'm not in user mode.

2.problem is slow speed.


You can give a try to IDA, since it supports kernel-mode debugging, and has a trace feature.

  • Testing IDA with VirtualKD and trying to trace initial phase left about 30 min. is it Normal or any better tool chain I should use?
    – sealed...
    May 11 '14 at 14:33

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