I use IDA Pro 6.1 to disassemble static linked binary on Windows 32bit

See, in the interactive screen, this subroutine (which is in one library function) can be found:

IDAPro asm display

But as I use these two ways to generate asm code:

  1. File->Produce->Create ASM File
  2. IDC script to iterate all the functions

In both ways I can find this library function, but I can not find the definition of the subroutine $LN28_0. Which means in the generated asm code, all the jmp $LN28_0 is undefined.

So, I am wondering if it is a bug of IDA Pro? Or, do I need to configure some things?

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It looks like that $LN28_0 is local label, not subroutine. Find it, rename it manually, regenerate the file.

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