Test platform is Linux 32 bit, ELF file, GNU coreutils.

Basically I am trying dump all the functions using IDC script, here is part of my IDC script:

for (addr = NextFunction(addr); addr != BADADDR; addr = NextFunction(addr)) {
    name = Name(addr);
    end = GetFunctionAttr(addr, FUNCATTR_END);
    locals = GetFunctionAttr(addr, FUNCATTR_FRSIZE);
    frame = GetFrame(addr);
    ret = GetMemberOffset(frame, " r");
    if (ret == -1) continue;
    firstArg = ret + 4;
    args = GetStrucSize(frame) - firstArg;

    dumpFunction(name, addr, end);

I am using it to test GNU coretuils, and I find some functions like

            public qset_acl
            qset_acl        proc near

            jmp     chmod_or_fchmod
            qset_acl        endp

which can not be found by this script.

Am I doing something wrong? Could any one give me some help?

Thank you!

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    Check the stack frame of that function (CTRL-K) to see if it does in fact define the " r" member, otherwise you will skip it with the continue statement. Commented Feb 14, 2014 at 0:19

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The stack frame structure is not created unless necessary (i.e. the function accesses a stack argument or local variable), so these stub functions get skipped by your (ret == -1) check.

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