I got an ELF shared library with a constructor function that is executed every time the library is loaded:

.init_array:00005E5C ; =====================================================================
.init_array:00005E5C ; Segment type: Pure data
.init_array:00005E5C                 AREA .init_array, DATA
.init_array:00005E5C                 ; ORG 0x5E5C
.init_array:00005E5C                 DCD sub_239C
.init_array:00005E60                 DCB    0
.init_array:00005E61                 DCB    0
.init_array:00005E62                 DCB    0
.init_array:00005E63                 DCB    0
.init_array:00005E63 ; .init_array   ends

This constructor calls the function sub_239C:

.text:0000239C ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================
.text:0000239C ; Attributes: thunk
.text:0000239C sub_239C ; DATA XREF: .init_array:00005E5Co
.text:0000239C                 B sub_1354
.text:0000239C ; End of function sub_239C

Is there any way for me to remove the constructor and make sub_239C exported symbol

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