I have a file, which supposedly contains an output of CRC32 hash. Problem is, file has no extension, type file (cat analogue) returns mangled gibberish, i.e. ёя╫жW▲{═Sb╨y¶|ИМ▐ВQ╙l9k╖▀у║?╩↓b☼┐R.

TrID said nothing on the matter: enter image description here

Hex editor didn't reveal much: hex

Binvis.io byteclasses and entropy: byteclasses Entropy

So, the question is: how can I check/know which encryption algo it uses (if any)?

  • Looks like compressed to me. Have you tried zlib.decompress(buf), just in case? Apr 3 at 14:30
  • Yeah. it returned "unrecognized string format" . Binwalk also returned nothing, if you wondered. Apr 4 at 6:10


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