Trying to dump firmware of this device. I can't find the UART/JTAG connections. I've searched over it for awhile now; I feel like I must just be missing something.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    There is a micro-usb connector on top, what device shows up when connected to a host machine? Often there is a custom VID/PID that is actually an internal USB-UART adapter.
    – Yotamz
    Apr 2 at 10:18
  • what leads you to believe that the firmware can be dumped?
    – jsotola
    Apr 7 at 0:27
  • Well, first of all, I think your chances of dumping the FW aren't very good... maybe the FW is more or less "in silicio", as they have their custom made chip as you can see in the middle of the second photo... The hint with the USB-connector if probably on of your best chances. Also on the first picture there's a 8-pin-connector in the lower left corner above the batt-connector. What's it for? Already probed it with an oscilloscope?
    – JNB
    May 5 at 20:43


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