For the target processor TMS320C3x, IDA does not display all data in HEX-VIEW as ASCII, only every 4th byte. The minimum addressable data block for this target processor is a 32-bit word. It seems that IDA takes the low byte from the word and prints it as ASCII, and does not use the remaining ones. How can I fix IDA settings to resolve this issue? Maybe there is some plugin to fix this?

data types

Hex_View in IDA

  • Which IDA version are you using? Which configuration of the hex view do you see when you right-click on the Hex-View window?
    – w s
    Mar 30 at 6:30
  • IDA 7.7, changing Hex-View settings do not effect (i have tried to change text encoding, data format)
    – strannyi
    Mar 30 at 8:14


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