I have this environment..

  • android : 9 version
  • python : 2.7.12

I am not sure which version of Frida and Frida-tools I need to use to be compatible. I'm currently using 12.8.5, but an ascii codec error keeps occurring, possibly due to incompatibility. If you know a way to solve this or a suitable compatible version, please let me know.

please. thank you ;-0 ps. I have no intention of upgrading a Python version.

  • Make sure to use the same frida version on the PC side as well as on Android (frida-server). Anyway Python 3 can be installed in parallel to Python 2 so there is no "upgrade" necessary. You could keep your python 2 environment for whatever you need it and use latest frida on Python 3.
    – Robert
    Feb 21 at 12:31
  • Thanks you. I found compatible Frida and Frida-tools version.
    – 서영재
    Mar 5 at 1:21


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