I am trying to disassemble PowerPC dump with objdump. I have only raw binary dump, not ELF or any other 'container'.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any option to force VLE mode (my binary definitely uses it).

This one is just a short example:

~$ objdump -b binary -EB -m powerpc:vle -M vle -D PowerPC_test.bin

PowerPC_test.bin:     file format binary

Disassembly of section .data:

00000000 <.data>:
   0:   c5 a9 50 1a     .long 0xc5a9501a
   4:   fb 70 2a a4     .long 0xfb702aa4

According to IDA and Ghidra, it should be

seg000:00000000 C5 A9                       se_lwz    r26, 0x14(r25)
seg000:00000002 50 1A FB 70                 e_lwz     r0, -0x490(r26)
seg000:00000006 2A A4                       se_cmpi   r4, 0xA

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Your toolchain probably does not support VLE (AFAIK it was never mainlined), so you’ll need a fork with VLE support (e.g. from Freescale/NXP, Hightec or ST) and use the toolchain-specific switch to force VLE disassembly

  • Yes, you are right. binutils-multiarch doesn't incude it, even though power:vle is in the list of supported architectures. To be honest, it is strange because you can find a lot of PowerPC-related stuff in the binutils sources. But anyway, objdump from NXP works better, thanks for it. Commented Oct 30, 2023 at 12:50

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