In the C# decompilation in dnSpy, single clicking on a class or method name takes you to the definition of it. This is handy, but I don't want it to happen every time I click almost anywhere. Sometimes I just want to highlight something to see where it's used. Is there some setting to change this behavior to require double click, or some keypress, as in most IDEs? I can't find it in Options, but maybe I missed it.

  • You can press Alt+Click (Don't follow the clicked reference so it's possible to start selecting text without being taken to the definition. References are only followed if none of Ctrl, Alt and Shift are pressed or if Ctrl is pressed.)
    – xax
    Sep 28 at 18:07
  • That works! I would prefer the opposite behavior but close enough. If you supply that as an answer I will accept it. Oct 2 at 20:56


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