I am trying to disassemble a few Arm Cortex-M3 .elf binaries and run a custom IDAPython script (script.py) from the command line (in batch mode). I have been able to do that with the following command:

/path_to_idapro/idat -B -parm:ARMv7-M -logfile.log -S"/path_to_script/script.py arg1" elf_to_disassemble

However, I need to load an SVD file before running script.py so that my analysis will be complete. In IDA Pro GUI, I do the following:

  • Edit > Plugins > SVD file management
  • Select the SVD file

How can I pass the SVD file (e.g., /path_to_SVD/STM32F103.svd) as an argument to my previous command?

I have already searched the command line switches of IDA Pro https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/idadoc/417.shtml, and to my understanding, there isn’t such an option.

I am currently using IDA Pro v7.6 in Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.

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You can run plugins from a script as follows:

import ida_loader

arg = 0
ida_loader.load_and_run_plugin("svdimport", arg)

Where arg has size_t type. This normally allows you to select plugin modes, but does not allow you to pass strings to your plugin.

Thus, I think there are two not-so-pleasant options:

  • generate idb manually and only then analyse it in batch mode (doesn't make much sense when analysing at scale)
  • use a custom SVD Loader Plugin with a hardcoded file value or passed through configuration file (check out this and this as an input pointers)

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