I'm using Windbg to track all functions that could result in the blue screen errors. My method is to call certain suspects manually through windbg .call command. However, I always got syntax error. Here is my attempt.

fffff807`0d3c9cc0 cc              int     3
2: kd> .call WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(0,0)
                                           ^ Syntax error in '.call WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(0,0)'
2: kd> bp nt!EtwTracePageFault
2: kd> .call WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(this,0,0)
                                                ^ Syntax error in '.call WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(this,0,0)'
2: kd> .call /v nt!EtwTracePageFault(this,0x0)
                                             ^ Syntax error in '.call /v nt!EtwTracePageFault(this,0x0)'
2: kd> .call /v WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(this,0x0,0x0)
                                                       ^ Syntax error in '.call /v WdFilter!SwitchToPanicMode(this,0x0,0x0)'
2: kd> x /d /t nt!EtwTracePageFault

Suppose I have known that function SwitchToPanicMode takes in 2 function arguments, which .call format should I use to manually trigger the function? Or is there any way that can get around(maybe like use !analyze -v when the program crashes)?

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    Afaik .call is user mode live debugging only it doesnt work in kd or crash dumps
    – blabb
    Commented Jul 12, 2023 at 10:17
  • @blabb I think I have found the function. But changing the RIP directly to the function's address and use command g won't trigger the function. I looked up the answer here. It says I need a different address because ntdll!DbgBreakPoint is in user mode. Not sure how to get the address. Commented Jul 16, 2023 at 3:18


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