I managed to log BLE communications with a Nordic chip based device I am interested in on my Android phone and loaded the log in Wireshark, applying btatt as filter.

It uses some default BLE "transmissions" like "Battery Service: Battery Level" as well as UART for actual control. Wiresharks Info column shows e.g.:

Sent Write Request, Handle: 0x0011 (Nordic UART Service: Nordic UART Tx)
Rcvd Handle Value Notification, Handle: 0x000e (Nordic UART Service: Nordic UART Rx)

How can I set a filter to get only the UART Rx and Tx raw data as a list?

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"Apply / Prepare as Filter" context menu gives some hints:

btgatt.nordic.uart_rx or btgatt.nordic.uart_tx

I'm sure there is an option to export the raw data of the result rows somehow.

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