According to the information I searched, it is not supported in IDA 7.x and before.

Has this changed in 8.x? Because now the 8.x decompiler cloud version is free, which is different from before.

refer: Do IDA Python plugins work with IDA free or only IDA pro?

  • I mean just refer to the documentation. NO
    – sudhackar
    Jan 4, 2023 at 10:26
  • 1
    @sudhackar That's quite rude as a comment. While I agree that own research should have been done up front, I don't think this was a very welcoming tone. For example the comparison table here makes no mention of plugins and it's also not listed as a limitation.
    – 0xC0000022L
    Jan 4, 2023 at 17:11
  • Hi and welcome to RE.SE. Doesn't this Q&A have the answer you are looking for? Although admittedly it probably isn't the answer you want. This ticket may be equally interesting.
    – 0xC0000022L
    Jan 4, 2023 at 17:13
  • @0xC0000022L Thanks your reply. I've read all the easy-to-search answers or manuals, either from a few years ago, or not clearly stated. Since the 8.x decompiler is free, I came here to ask a seemingly stupid question with full of hope.
    – huang
    Jan 5, 2023 at 0:33
  • @JoeHuang just one thought. I know that they don't officially provide support for the freeware version, but I suppose if you ask them nicely you could find out by sending an email to support@ Hex-Rays ... and once you have the authoritative answer, you could answer your own question here for the benefit of others?!
    – 0xC0000022L
    Jan 5, 2023 at 10:25


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