First of all I'm noob at debugging task and I'm try to self-study to learn how to debug exe using x64dbg.

I have EXE file packed by themida. i bypassed themida packing using themida plugin in x64dbg.after start EXE it has login function. i trying to bypass that login using x64dbg.when i clicked login button it's created a socket connection with server.

to create that connection it's loading dnsapi.dll after clicking login button (that dll not loading in startup), i can break process on loading dnsapi.dll using dll breakpoints.

my problem is how can i find what function load that dll for create that socket connection.

PS: i know that thing is actually illigle and not ethicle but i have motivation to lean that thing.so can anyone help me to figure it out how to find that login function called after click login button it whold be very helpfull.

** sorry for my bad english



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