Whenever I try to debug a 3D game through VMware and IDA Pro, an "access violation" pops up. The error occurs in the body of the program after memory is allocated by the operator New.

  • Memory is allocated
  • pointer is not null

but, when trying to write to the allocated memory, an error occurs.

If I try to debug the program in x64dbg and turn on the "hide debugger" option, this problem does not arise. However, it is inconvenient to work through this debugger, because I'm debugging a game that only runs in full screen.

so, how to hide Remote Windows Debugger in IDA Pro?

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    There are multiple ways to detect attached debuggers, so I don't think there is a general way. Make yourself familiar with the different anti-debugger techniques and then decompile that app and try to identify if each measure is present or not and what needs to be modified to bypass the anti-debugger measure.
    – Robert
    Commented Oct 29, 2022 at 11:50

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I already found a solution to my problem: plugin for IDA Pro: ScyllaHide (active fork)

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