So I am trying to run an app and collect information at certain points. No biggie, right? Wrong. Check this simple example:

import ida_dbg
ida_dbg.step_over() #or runto()
eax = ida_dbg.get_reg_val("eax")
print("eax: ", eax)

throws an exception

Exception: Failed to retrieve register value

But Individually it works. So if I do ONLY a "ida_dbg.step_over()", that works. And if do ONLY a 'get_reg_val("eax")' that works too. Only in combination it fails.

Now, you might think this is because step_over only posts a request, but the documentation explicitly says otherwise and provides a request_step_over() for that purpose.

Please, can someone enlighten me and show me how I can step over my program and collect register values after each step?

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Ah! So despite the function being advertised otherwise it is still async and I have to call

ida_dbg.wait_for_next_event(ida_dbg.WFNE_SUSP, -1)

Is this the correct solution?

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