I'm looking to pull the images off of the game "Summoners War" to use for wallpapers and such. I have access to the images themselves, but they seem to be encrypted and cannot be viewed. Looking at the image in a hex viewer shows that the png headers are missing and have been replaced.screenshot of hex data

I do have access to the sourcecode after decompiling with APKTool, but I am not entirely sure what I am looking for in order to decrypt the images. Ive looked around for anything relating to 'decrypt' but a lot of it has been dead ends with network decryption, not decryption of the asset files.

  • Ah I see. Thanks I completely overlooked that the files were already in PNG so i was thinking in that direction. I was able to strip the first 16 bits, change the format to jpg and can view them.
    – KevinT
    Aug 27, 2022 at 23:13

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Your hex dump shows the plan-text word JFIF. These four letters are an indicator for an JPEG image, not a PNG image.

The magic bytes of a JPEG image are FF D8 FF which are also present in your hex dump starting at offset 0x10 which indicates that with a high probability you have a JPEG image here.

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