I've looked at as many resources on Manfred and Manfred's work

I've watched the DEFCON 25 Live talk about what he hacked.


I've also looked, listened and read the dark net diaries Part One -


Dark net diaries part one

Part Two -


Dark net diaries part two

From what my understanding is to bypass the HWID bans he ran the game and did a full memory dump, he also captured the packets sent off the game and started reverse engineering the game and started reversing the routines within a game. I've tried for a few month now to figure out how he managed to do things like this but their is no clear method on how Todo so. I figured the best place to ask would be here.


- How did Manfred do it?
 - What can I do to get started in this field of game hacking?
 - What was the method Manfred had used?
 - Is their any resources on this?
Any help is appreciated. TL;DR - How did Manfred hack so many online games

Thank you.

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Manfred has 20+ years of experience and many skills, so don't expect to get there overnight. As a starting point:

  1. Read Beej's guides: https://beej.us/guide/bgnet/
  2. Write a client and server, use a standard protocol like HTTP.
  3. Practice intercepting/modifying traffic between your client and server. Try OWASP ZAP, BurpSuite or similar.
  4. Write a dll
  5. Read up on dll injection
  6. Inject your dll into your client program
  7. Use your dll to intercept/modify client/server traffic
  8. Modify your server to have a fake inventory/stats/store system.
  9. Attempt to use integer overflows to modify the results of inventory/stats/store actions.
  10. Add encryption to your client/server communication
  11. Does your dll still intercept/modify traffic? If not, fix it

This should give you plenty of learning without having to jump straight into the deep end with a real game. I find that attempting something without the prerequisite knowledge can result in you being sidetracked reading/learning and/or giving up.

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